Wood Floor Services

Quality Wood Floor Installation

Melo Floors of Monmouth County provides unfinished hardwood floor installation and finished solid, engineered, laminated hardwood floor installation.
Our hardwood flooring installers are prepared to deliver high-quality workmanship of unfinished and finished, engineered, laminated hardwood flooring. Our skilled craftsmen work with all types of flooring systems and take care to leave each flooring project, polished to your satisfaction.
A durable installation begins with the proper selection of materials.There are some products that are better suited to certain conditions and substrates than others.
Every installation should not be treated equally. We are trained to recognize the job site conditions and limitations that will affect the product that you choose.
Our staff will guide you through the selection process and direct you to a floor that will best fit your needs and budget.

Wood Floor Sanding, Refinishing and Staining

Wood Floor Sanding
In addition to sanding new flooring, we can also sand and refinish your existing wood floors to restore the color and shine.
A smooth and flat surface is achieved using proven sanding sequences for each species in conjunction with years of experience.

Expert Wood Floor Finishing
After sanding, we carefully apply a natural sealer (or a stain color of your choice) and multiple coats finish.
Only the highest quality finish is used—proven to provide clarity, strength, and long-lasting durability.
After your project is complete, we’ll make sure it meets your expectations… and share tips to keep your floors looking great!

Melo Floors of Monmouth County, the flooring specialists you can trust, call for your free estimate!